Personal Photography

The pictures on this page were all taken by myself. Some are shot on a Nikon D80 and the majority on a Sony A7s. The pictures range from personal photography, wedding photography and photography for Gloucestershire Hospitals.

Development Photography

Personal Photography

These images were shot on a Sony A7s and range from portrait photography to wildlife photography. The various locations in the photographs include Gloucester Catherderal, Bristol Zoo and New York.

Volunteer Awards 2016

Personal Photography

These pictures were taken for the Trust's internal Volunteer Awards. I met with each volunteer and various others to take their pictures to be used in the presentation for the awards ceremony. I also built the presentation once the images were taken.'

Wedding Photography

Personal Photography

Here is a range of wedding photography. Each wedding has it's own unique style, however I try and replicate some of my shots in all of them.

Gloucestershire Hospitals Photography

Work Related Photography

The images shown above are varoius shots I have taken for the Trust. They range from campaign photos, to team photos to personal profile pictures for the Trust's intranet. The images are used digitally on the Website, in the Trust's monthy magazine and in other promotional content such as posters, leaflets and digital downloads.


Personal Photography

To create this image I placed the subject against a set of charcol black blinds and switched off all of the lights. I then placed a torch at the subject's feet, pointing up. Using Manual mode on my DSLR i set the shutter speed to around 1/50th of a second and closed my apeture to around f2.8. In post production I then enhanced the colours and increased the contrast to emphasise the blacks in the image.'