Graphic Design

Personal Development Graphics

The graphics shown on this page have all been created by myself in Adobe Illustrator. Some of these graphics have been designed for personal development and others for my work at the NHS.

Mostly Co

Personal Development Graphics

The images displayed below show the two products I created as part of my coursework. The graphics above were concept designs for a new clothing range and point of sales stand I was to create for ‘Mostly’. Through various amounts of research, designing and construction, this was my final product. The images show the clothes on a model and being displayed on the Point of Sales stand I created.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Personal Development Graphics

This is my custom movie poster inspired by the classic 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off.'

Hybrid Windows

Personal Development Graphics

I completed this work for a local window company on a free-lance basis. The task was to create a short animation to be played on the big screen at Gloucester Rugby Club.

eLearning Course Graphics

Work Related Graphics

The graphics shown above were some of the first images I created when working in multimedia. They were used in eLearning courses for the Trust in various scenarios. These include Respiratory courses and Safeguarding Children Courses.

This was from an interactive eLearning course for Infection Control. The concept was a 'flip-card' game. The user would flip the card and try and match the waste to the correct form of disposal. I created the graphics in Adobe Illustrator and created various patterns to design the back of the card. I then created a simplistic version of each form of waste and bag so that they could be easily definable by the user. Once the graphics were completed I imported them into Adobe Animate and assisted my colleague in the development of the game.